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Minette Group is proudly Australian-owned. We are property investors and healthcare providers, with a three-generation legacy of pharmacists serving the local communities within South West Sydney. Through our services and operations, we build strong intergenerational relationships with our clients, patients, and the wider community, who trust us with their lives, their homes, their health, and their futures.

Our innovative Integrated Medical Services combines medical centres and pharmacies for the continuous healthcare you deserve. We provide you with superior patient care with your most trusted and reliable local family health providers. We partner with only the best healthcare providers who share our vision and values to aim to provide accessible and affordable healthcare for all.

Minett Group has a broad investment portfolio. As property investors, we aim to foster trust between community stakeholders and tenants to encourage safe, strong, and collaborative communities. As property developers, we work with the very best industry professionals to provide spaces that will support and inspire local individuals and families in their personal and professional lives and endeavours.

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Minett Group's origin, Augustus Minett, and current CEO, Tracy Minett

There Is No Substitute For True Care

At the Minett Group, we truly care about our local communities. Proudly Australian-owned, we aim to bring the best services to you so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Family Orientated

The Minett’s are a family of chemists. Augustus Minett opening his first pharmacy in Australia in 1959, and his two daughters, including our CEO, Tracy, followed in his footsteps to become pharmacists too.

Tracy has lived and breathed pharmacy all her life. She remembers spending her childhood in her Dad’s pharmacy as she watched him work, and is proud to continue his legacy to provide patient-centred health and wellness advice to the community. Minett Group carries this spirit, with a vision to provide our communities with accessible, affordable health care.

Community Based Service

We have a corporate attitude with strong policies and procedures. and robust systems. However, as a family-owned business, we provide our service based on traditional family values. We create lifelong relationships with our local communities, promoting health and wellness and providing medical interventions when needed. We invest and develop properties to provide local areas with the spaces they need to thrive and grow.

Minett Group is an Equal Opportunities Employer, and our multilingual and diverse teams are carefully selected to allow us to meet our local community’s needs.

Business Advocate

Tracy is a board member of the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce (CBCC). Her appointment in early 2022 recognises her business ingenuity, passion, and knowledge. As a board member, she greatly contributes to the business community in Canterbury-Bankstown, providing insights and discussions to help small and medium businesses and organisations achieve their goals and missions. Her position also allows her to strongly advocate for better healthcare and wellness awareness, knowledge, and accessibility within South West Sydney.

Female Empowerment

Tracy is a founding member of the CBCC’s Women’s Committee, which is part of the Women In Business program at the CBCC. As part of the Women’s Committee, she inspires, educates, and empowers other women in South West Sydney in business and entrepreneurship.

Within Minett Group, Tracy provides local women with internship or employment opportunities to allow them to learn, train, and reach their full potential. We only partner with organisations and professionals who share this vision to ensure that all women have access to the opportunities and services they deserve.

Minett Group

Exceptional services. Integrated care. Better outcomes

A 60 Year Legacy

From the days of Augustus Minett to now, Minett Group has over 60 years of experience in servicing local Australian communities with the best healthcare services they deserve.

Trustworthy And Reputable

We build relationships with our communities and partner with the best industry professionals to help us provide our communities with the quality service and trust they expect from Minett Group.

Meet Our CEO

Tracy leads Minett Group's expansion with her passion, motivation, and know-how.

Tracy Minett (Alexakis)

Tracy prides herself on being a hands-on CEO and patient-fronting pharmacist. Tracy is an award-winning female entrepreneur recognised for her skilled business acumen, superior patient care, her contributions to the pharmacy industry as well as her commitment to the community.