“It’s important to design things with a kind of personality”

-Zachary Griffin

“Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.”

-John Dewey

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

-Marc Evans

There is no substitute for true care.

Minett Group and its group of companies are proudly Australian with family values at our core. We are committed to Australian communities, and we strive to provide genuine, reliable, and consistent service in all our activities and operations.

Beginning as a humble pharmacy in Chester Hill, opened in 1959 by CEO Tracy Minett’s father, Augustus Minett, we now have three locations in Bass Hill, Chester Hill, and Strathfield. Our innovative Integrated Medical Services aim to bring continuous healthcare that is affordable, accessible, and safe to our local communities.

We are property investors and have a broad investment portfolio, specialising in properties in the commercial space and build-to-rent sectors. We deliver high-quality properties for high-profile clients to provide our communities with exceptional properties and spaces that will let them thrive and grow in their personal and professional lives. We deliver transformational projects that work to improve liveability for communities and the people in them.

For travellers longing for a beautiful, romantic getaway, our group owns and operates Lindos Hotels, a luxury brand of first-class resorts in the glittering, unspoiled southern part of Rhodes Island. Perfect for family, friends or a honeymoon, we pride ourselves on providing upscale holiday experiences with impeccable service.

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Tracy Minett and Son

About Us

Minett Group is led by Tracy Minett, a motivated and hands-on CEO and a patient-fronting pharmacist. We're a family owned business with solid family values embedded in our decision making process.

As a family dedicated to health & wellbeing, we live in service of our community and aim to deliver good results for the communities we operate in. We aim to be genuine, reliable, and trustworthy in every business interactions. We operate fairly and conservatively, and are adverse to risk.

We are community minded and play an active part in community initiatives and local grassroots charity work.

Integrated Medical Services

Combining medical centres and pharmacies for continuous, accessible, and affordable health care from your most-trusted local family health experts

Property Investor

Providing Australian communities with secure and trustworthy private and commercial properties for reputable high-profile clients

Lindos Hotels and Resorts

Providing luxury, first-class getaways in southern Rhodes Island. With a beautiful beachfront location, relax without worry while being welcomed by the famed Greek hospitality.

What We Do

The Minett Group uses its experience to deliver transformative projects to improve communities and the people who live there.

Chemist Discount

With three generations of Chemists, we provide for customer medicine, beauty, and healthcare needs with quality products at affordable prices.

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Medical Centre

Our Medical Centres aims to provide our communities with accessible and affordable health care with your trusted family health experts.

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Property Investor

With a broad portfolio, Minett Group prioritises community need and safety as we aim to deliver high quality properties for high profile clients.

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Hotels and Resorts

Situated in unique prime locations on the beautiful island of Rhodes, the resorts offer an upscale holiday experience creating unforgettable moments.

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