Integrated Medical Services

60 Year Legacy

Drawing on a 60-year legacy across three generations, we offer integrated medical services that combine family medicine with community pharmacy stores.

30 Years Of Experience

Our quality healthcare and trustworthy services are backed by 30 years of history, with locations in Bass Hill, Chester Hill & Strathfield.

Family Owned, Family Orientated

At our heart, we are a local family pharmacy that always puts our patients first, building lifelong relationships with local families through the generations.

Affordable Excellence

We provide a first-class dispensary with our medical centre. Our community seeks us out for our low prices and excellent care.

Improving Our Local Community

Our integrated medical services aims to provide our communities with accessible and affordable health care.

At Minett Group, we believe pharmacies are not just about filling prescriptions. We promote health awareness and work with our community to take a proactive approach to managing their healthcare. We partner with only the very best healthcare providers to give our communities with trusted, exceptional healthcare.

Our model of integrated medical services delivers transparent, respectful care and connection with our patients. By combining local medical centres and pharmacies, we provide our patients the continuity of healthcare that they deserve. With access to trusted Family Health Experts and quality products and medicines at the same place, Minett Group brings the highest standards of health care to our local areas.

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Medical Centre & Pharmacy Combined

Our Medical Centres house a highly experienced and qualified integrated healthcare team. Our general practitioners provide compassionate, effective care, creating long-term relations that last generations. When pharmacists and other integrated medical services are integrated into primary care practices, patient outcomes improve. When a family has doctors and pharmacists, there is an opportunity for us to create a modern approach to health care – an owner-operated health hub of integrated medical services.


Our doctors are well educated and well-trained, delivering person-centred care in local communities. They are committed and resilient.

Clinical Psychologist

Our Clinical Psychologist has 30 years experience in psychological treatments with bulk billing available.


Our podiatrists are second to none. They are comprehensive and walk you through your treatment plan options.


Our Pharamists work with our integrated medical services to deliver a holistic approach to community healthcare for better outcomes.


Our onsite pathology capability helps in obtaining results faster and improves treatment time.


Our dieticians work with their patients to provide nutritional information, realistic, and measurable outcomes.


Our dentist works with our integrated healthcare team to ensure our patients feel comfortable and confident about their oral care.

Hearing Services

Our expert hearing specialists listen to their patients and are comprehensive in choosing treatment plans for patients.


Our physio's bend over backward for our patients. Together, we get our patients moving again.


Our Optometrists see the importance of being with other passionate healthcare providers when dealing with people's visions and sight.


A radiology service tailored to the community needs, our partner was selected on their quality and service.


Our chiropractors are straightshooters, getting patients re-aligned and feeling new again.